Schedule for a Productive Life

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Schedule for a Productive Life

Every once in a while I get stuck in a cycle of complacency, which leads me to filling up my days with online shopping, Netflix and Fanfiction. There’s nothing wrong with these activities but over long periods of time it can leave me deeply unsatisfied. I mean, it’s not like I don’t have things to do. I could be working on my artwork, the blog or becoming a better piano player. At one point I was doing every one of these activities until I got stuck…again.

Last week I had enough and started setting some goals for myself. That was the easy part. Anyone can list some goals but how could I get things done? What works for me? I started thinking of good habits I had acquired over the years and how I successfully maintained them. The best example that came to mind is my exercise routine. I work out 5 times a week and have maintained this habit for 6 years without a trainer or a gym.

I know…I’m pretty impressed with myself too.

I remember the first time I started it wasn’t easy. The only thing that kept me going were my schedules and diet list. Having a schedule really helped me plan ahead and set aside the time necessary to accomplish my exercise. I also get a weird satisfaction from marking things off a list. It’s super dorky but it WORKS.

If this was good enough for my exercise routine, I figured the same could be done for my new goals. So last weekend I created a new schedule which consists of 2 main activities per day with a rest day once per week (very similar to my work out routine). I also added how much time I would spend on each activity. Some require more time/planning than others. For example, Arabic requires a lesson plan and more focus than the rest. I’ll hopefully be able to figure this out after I test my schedule this week.

productive schedule

Adding notes is a must to keep track of the results

During my down time, when I’m not working on these activities, I want to make sure I don’t revert to old bad habits. In the event that this should happen, I created a list of good productive habits to replace the bad. I guess you could say it’s the “diet” part of my plan.

  • Doodle

  • Meditation

  • Visit a friend

  • Practice self-care

  • Read more novels

  • Try new recipes or art technique

It’s going to take some time to adjust to my new schedule. I’m very excited to get started and look forward to feeling happy and mentally satisfied at the end of the day. Wish me luck!

We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.

– Thomas Edison

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