Travels: Disney World, Universal and Liquid Diabetes

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Travels: Disney World, Universal and Liquid Diabetes

Last month my husband and I took a trip to Disney World. My husband had been a couple of times before but for me it was my first time. My parents rarely travel and by extension I missed out on experiencing Disney World as a child. I’m not bitter about it because my parents had good intentions. They wanted to save up for my private education and I will always be grateful for that. Also, being an adult didn’t affect my first experience one bit. I had a blast.

One thing that worried me was that I would not be able to stomach any of the rides. I really don’t like roller coasters that go upside down or have open seats where your legs dangle in mid air. However, I had no issues with any of the rides at Disney World. The majority of the roller coasters were fast and thrilling rather than scary because they’re catered more toward children. The only problem that occurred was fitting inside the carts. I had an embarrassing moment while getting into theThe Barnstormer. When I tried to settle my legs into the seat the safety harness closed onto my left leg squishing it against my chest. The operators had to briefly stop the ride to lift the harness off me. Awkward and definitely not made for long legs.

I’d have to say the funniest part of our trip was during our ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was another thrilling roller coaster and during the ride I couldn’t stop yelping/screaming. My husband got a big kick out of it and while we were approaching another slope he said, “Why are you screaming? The little girl isn’t even yelling out”.  We then plummeted into another drop. If I didn’t have the wind in my eyes I would have given him a death glare.

During our trip we also decided to visit Epcot and Universal Studios. While I admit Magic Kingdom was a lot of fun I enjoyed Epcot more. The rides were laid back and there weren’t as many rowdy kids. Also I liked the focus on technology and science. I think Disney did a great job integrating that with their rides. Universal Studios on the other hand was a bit disappointing. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter set was done well but I think they focused way too much on shopping. I get it…it’s Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. In the books, the characters spend the majority of the time hanging out and shopping in these places. Yet, I didn’t come here to shop the day away. I was looking forward to many more rides. Hopefully in the future Universal installs more options and interesting shows. In the end I think my obsession with Harry Potter tainted my experience. Oh yeah, the Butter Beer was okay. There I go again with my high expectations….

Seriously, it tasted more like liquid diabetes.

As for my anxiety, I experienced little to none at all during our trip. I think focusing on having a good time and being so tired at the end of each day helped to quell my attacks. I did notice that I felt comfortable being around a lot of people outside than I did in a confined space.  It’s strange and something I will have to explore later. Overall I had a really good time and I have no regrets waiting this long to see Disney World. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to give the experience I never had as a child to my kids in the future.

That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.

-Walt Disney

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